Oct 14 - Oct 18
World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics in Hamburg, Germany
Feb 21 - Feb 21
Midlife Eating Disorders: Genes Load the Gun and Environment Pulls the Trigger at Any Age in UNC Nutrition Alumni gathering, Duke Diet and Fitness, Durham, NC
Apr 15 - Apr 16
Yeshiva University Eating Disorders Event/NEDA in New York City
May 17
Engaging partners as allies:UCAN clinical workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand
May 22
Engaging partners as allies: UCAN clinical workshop in Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Brisbane, Australia
Oct 04 - Oct 05
UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders 10th Anniversary Celebration Symposium in Chapel Hill, NC
Nov 03 - Nov 10
Eating Disorders Seminars in Buenos Aires & Mar del Plata
Jan 10 - Jan 13
BED Phase 3 Data Advisory Board in Miami, Florida
Feb 18 - Feb 28
Danish Eating Disoders Society Workshops in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark
Jan 28
King’s College London in King's College London, UK
Feb 18
Viewing Eating Disorders Through New Lenses in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden