Runaway Eating

The 8-Point Plan to Conquer Adult Food and Weight Obsessions

In this early work, teaming up with dietitian Nadine Taylor, Dr. Bulik addresses the emerging trend of women struggling to cope with the stress of menopause, empty nest syndrome, caring for ailing parents, work overload, and the cultural emphasis on youth and beauty. They describe how more and more women find themselves eating compulsively to ease tension, manage anxiety, quell depression, and distract themselves from what’s really eating them. Bulik and Taylor team up to present a patient-tested 8-step program to help women regain a healthy relationship with food.

Readers also will find:

  • A thorough explanation of the full spectrum of Runaway Eating behaviors, from occasional lapses into binge eating to restrictive dieting to compulsive exercising
  • Alternative ways to alleviate anxiety and defuse depression, and
  • Practical strategies for managing the menopausal symptoms that often lead to disordered eating